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Mission to Schools in Durban

Updated: Jun 5

Psalms 127:3 - “Children are our Heritage..."

It has been an absolute pleasure to assist with Sakh' Ulutsha lifeskills among the grade 6 learners at Stonebridge Primary School.

Our most recent topic was Choices and Decision making. Our vibrant & dynamic team have worked extensively to create scenarios that included issues ,consequences as well as solutions, which would help learners understand & grasp the topic in a better way. Other topics included Peer Pressure, The Great Adventure and so on.

We are glad to have seen that the learners are delighted with our weekly visits and have mentioned that they look forward to our time with them.

Ultimately, our goal is to prepare & equip each learner for the challenges that they face on a daily basis.

The jouney as Mission Partenrs of Scripture Union leaves us immensely grateful for the opportunity & responsibility that has been entrusted to us.

We are always thankful for the educators support and positive feedback.


Catherine Reddy (A Team Captain)

The B team is currently active at Phoenix Pioneer and Stonebridge Primary, our lessons currently consist of between 17-20 kids in a class. We have been facilitating life orientation with grade 7 learners who we have all become very much acquainted too. The material used has enabled us to connect with so many of these kids.

One of the few amazing stories we have had is where we had a group of girls who faced the challenge of racial indifference, this was a seriously difficult and sensitive topics we could deal with but I was pleased to have went back within two weeks we see the both races of kids starting to warm up to each other they have learnt to team up n work well together. Basically the activity done was based on what we have been observing although at first we allowed the kids to come in and sit with who they wanted to which is where a basic apartheid scene came into play, from then we decided to use a method 1 2 3 4 to split the kids and generally mix them up so they know we were not bias in anyway.

We also found a child with self esteem issues in a group who broke down in class due to a misunderstanding of racism and dislike which we did address and after that was spoken about and resolved the kids all took well to his feelings and apologized thereafter worked extremely well in doing a presentation altogether. Kids look forward to our lessons, talks, activities and treats we also find that being out of the classroom and mixing things up abit gives them a good sense of better concentration and in that when we present them with tasks to do as homework we get an excellent response. It’s an honor n privilege to be apart of such a an amazing team.

Jenny Padayachee (Team Captain)

C Team is actively engaged at Siphosethu Primary School every Thursday with a bible reading program and leading devotions every Friday at assembly.

Team D is engaged with ministry at Grove End Secondary, Grandmore Primary, and Millview Primary, they have facilitated the Leader in Me program, Literacy support, Reach 4 Life and prayer support.

Verulam Team is captained by Vanessa Naidoo, they are ministering at Lotusville Primary (Lifeskills, prefect leadership) and Temple Valley Secondary (Peer Leaders Training, Lifeskills)

Our Lifeskills program at the Lotusville Primary school finds the children are more responsive, some have started opening up to the leaders. In one session Flo and I had an encounter with bullying in the classroom. Flo stopped the lesson and spoke to the class about bulling. We spoke to the victim and the bully. We went off topic but it was an incident that could not be left unattended. We also had a pupil talk about suicide after the lesson we spoke to her and prayed with her.

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