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Mission to Schools

May I ask you to take a moment to consider your faith journey, what age were you when you first heard the Gospel?

Research done in the UK has revealed that of the practicing Christians in England and Wales, 76% came to faith before the age of 18. Another survey cited by the International Bible Society indicated that 83% of Christians make their first commitment to Jesus between the ages of 4 and 14, thus when they are children or early youth. Surveys done by the Barna Research Group indicate that American children aged 5 to 13 have a 32% probability of accepting Christ, but youth or teens aged 14 to 18 have only a 14% probability of doing so. This is a powerful indicator of how important this stage of life is for faith formation that endures.

It is into this landscape, the role of the church in passing on faith and walking alongside those who choose to follow Jesus is critical. We as Scripture Union KZN have a key focus to see the fulfilment of the Great Commission to those aged 7 to 19 years. How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? Romans 10:14

The Sakh’Ulutsha Lifeskills Education Initiative was birthed in the early 1990s to “build our youth”, since then we have built trusted relationships at Schools seeking to address the vast challenges our young people face on a daily basis. The initial program provided values education aimed at stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS by teaching soft skills through experiential learning via a committed group of SU volunteers who served as the Christian witness to those young people.

Our vision is to see every young person in KZN transformed by Jesus and filled with hope by:

The School program is largely dependent on what the School’s current needs are, these Sakh’Ulutsha programs have allowed us to build relationships between Mission Partners and unchurched young people as we seek gospel opportunities in the School context or link these students to mission-focused activities that they are able to join as we leverage the relationships formed.

A Mission Partner is a Christian, who is part of a church and has signed up for specialist support, training and coaching provided by Scripture Union. They are also someone who is committed to building relationships with the unchurched, journeying with them towards a vibrant, personal faith in Jesus.

Who could be a Mission Partner?

Anyone with a little time to give and a heart for mission with the unchurched could be a Mission Partner! The more time you are able to give, the more impact you will have – but even one hour a week, carved out consistently and over the long term can still make a huge difference.

Perhaps the most important characteristics of a Mission Partner are:

• a willingness to intentionally grow in faith

• faithfulness and obedience to God

• courage to step out and do things differently

• a heart of compassion for the unchurched

• a reliance on prayer

Should there be someone or a group from your church that would be willing to be involved at a School near you, please let us know.

Garland Sam

Provincial Director 

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